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C Street Consulting leverages a dynamic skillset and our founding members’ sibling rapport to deliver transformative solutions within the federal landscape. Our mission-critical projects emphasize scalability and adapt to the needs of clients. Our core competencies are:


IT Strategy and Management Consulting

Proven leadership partnering with our clients in defining their vision, creating the strategic road map, and bringing it to life. Our team can facilitate the development of an integrated IT strategy for any organization.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Demonstrated experience executing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape and as a critical component of defense-in-depth security strategies. Our IAM solutions ensure the right individuals can access the right IT resources at the right time.

Big Data

Big Data

Empowering clients by harnessing the power of Big Data to inform industry and government decision-making. Proven expertise in the 7 dimensions of Big Data: volume, velocity, variety, veracity, value, people, and governance.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

Developed and deployed transformative solutions that have revolutionized operations within the federal government sector and empowered non-IT professionals and process owners. These technical innovations can be deployed in real-time to bolster national security, automate the workforce, and respond to disasters and crises.


Systems Engineering (SE)

Delivering expert-caliber Systems Engineering solutions across a wide range of IT environments, tools, and platforms through the intelligent application of leading-edge technologies.


We are proud of our founders’ illustrious careers, during which they have consistently demonstrated a commitment to safeguarding American lives, interests, and assets across a diverse range of critical areas. Our track record spans projects that operated underground, above Earth, in transit, at embassies/military bases, and beyond. Some of our notable accomplishments include:

At C Street, we bring a relentless pursuit of excellence to every project we undertake. Our dedication to innovation and results is reflected in our impressive portfolio, and we are eager to leverage our expertise to deliver outstanding solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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